New Ownership!

by The Gardener on Friday, August 29, 2008

The Garden is now under new ownership!  Be sure to check back in a few days for an exciting announcement and new content! Better yet, why not subscribe to the RSS feed so that you don’t miss the announcement?

In the interim, use the Contact Form to nominate a site — your own or someone else’s — to be in the spotlight!

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Where Has the Gardener Been?

April 10, 2008

The Gardener has been in exile from the garden.  In fact, the Garden has been for sale for several months and, although a number of people have expressed interest, the right buyer has not yet come along.  If and when the right person shows an interest in carrying on, there will be a sale. Why?

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Spotlight on: YOUR SITE for the American Cancer Society

October 6, 2007

Pink for October is in full swing. We did not need to transform the Garden, but wanted to participate, so we wracked our brains to come up with a unique way in which to get involved in helping fight cancer in all forms. And we have come up with a spectacular idea!

From time to time, we receive requests from bloggers and webmasters asking us to spotlight their site, most of which we have, until now, respectfully declined.

Now, however, we are encouraging you to ask that your site be in the spotlight.

Is there a catch? Of sorts.

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Spotlight on: Pink for October

September 23, 2007
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Well, here’s an announcement about a party that the Garden is already prepared for!The Magical Rose Garden was already pink and is observing Pink for October to fight cancer

The Pink for October program asks websites to “go pink” for the month in order to encourage and support breast cancer awareness. In honor of the campaign, Natalie Joost has designed two free WordPress themes to make it easy for bloggers to transform their sites. Both are great-looking layouts and can be downloaded here. If you don’t want to change your theme but do want to adopt a pink color scheme, she is offering several choices.

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Spotlight on: The Rising Blogger

September 4, 2007

The Rising Blogger is, like the Magical Rose Garden, a blog that spotlights other blogs. But its approach is different. Instead of featuring blogs as a whole, the Rising Blogger focuses on a single post from each site that it features. And its proprietor, Judd Corizan, bestows upon the author a Rising Blogger Award that […]

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Spotlight on: Especially Heather

September 3, 2007
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Heather, like WhyMommy, has cancer. Heather is blogging about it, too. Fear not, ye who are cynical readers. The Garden is not going to be spotlighting only blogs maintained by folks with cancer. However, after stumbling upon Heather’s blog, we felt it definitely deserved to be in the spotlight even though it follows our focus […]

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Spotlight on: Toddler Planet

July 28, 2007

This morning, while surfing here and there, we discovered a post at Whirlwind entitled “It Could Save Your Life” with the tag line “Keep it going.”

Reading closer, we realized that the words there were actually written by WhyMommy who describes herself as a “scientist turned stay-at-home-mom, always looking for something fun and exciting to do with the kids.” Photos of her children grace the sidebar: “Widget was born August 2004; Little Bear in January 2007. Dad and the dog round out our busy house of boys. We laugh, we play, we build, and we learn.”

The day after learning that her mother-in-law had breast cancer, WhyMommy shared that after giving birth to her youngest this past January, she was unable to nurse on the right side.

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Spotlight on: Heart of Wisdom Blog

June 29, 2007

It’s a pretty unassuming site in terms of layout, colors and use of graphics. It certainly Robin Sampsondoes not “scream at you” as the page loads.

However, the photo of the site owner, Robin, in the upper right corner caught our eye. She looks like she could be your next door neighbor — a pretty woman with a lovely smile and lively eyes. The photo appears to be a candid shot, not a retouched studio portrait (there are many of those on these types of sites) and there is something in that unassuming picture — perhaps her sparkling blue eyes? — that grabs you and makes you want to read a bit more. It is as though she is saying, “C’mon, read some posts. You know you want to.”

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Spotlight on: Sting My Heart

June 7, 2007

Today is Thursday, so it is the perfect time to spotlight “Sting My Heart.”

Iris was born and raised in Germany, but lives in Arizona, which she describes as having two seasons: “Hot and hotter.” Her blog design is curious: An alien-looking creature is depicted as an animate pincushion. The title, “Sting My Heart,” apparently relates to the New Testament book of Ephesians 2:8-10, an excerpt from which, “saved by grace — through faith,” serves as her blog’s description. Make no mistake: Iris writes from a Christian viewpoint. Individual pages are devoted to describing what she believes and virtually all of the links displayed relate in one way or another to Christian topics.

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Spotlight on: Let’s Change the World

June 3, 2007

With a title like that, how could we help but be intrigued by “The Woman Behind the Thoughts” and her little corner of the blogosphere?

Desiree began her blog in December 2006, with the stated purpose of “inspir[ing] ideas within each other that can lead to each of us helping to change the world and make this a better world.” She declares that she has no desire to “tell others how to live,” but, rather, seeks to “spread good will, hope and inspiration to whatever small part of the world I can manage to captivate as my audience.”

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Spotlight on: Defining Spiritual Presence

May 14, 2007

Since it is Monday, it is the perfect time to spotlight Defining Spiritual Presence , “[t]hat certain charisma that’s rooted in living out loud in the moment . . . or that growing sense that you might be leafing out in sunshine.”

We like to think of our beautiful rose garden as a calm, peaceful oasis where you can relax, unwind and collect your thoughts. If our garden provides that experience during the daytime, Greenwoman’s site is definitely where you want to head when the sun goes down.

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